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Harry Potter: Triwizard Tournament – Set of 3 Games





Harry Potter: Triwizard Tournament board game

During the Goblet of Fire tournament young wizards have to complete three tasks. Each task is represented by a game.

Each game represents one of the three tasks young wizards have to complete during the Goblet of Fire tournament.

Product code | 5510: Harry Potter: Triwizard Tournament

36x54 mm

33x33 mm

33x33 mm

64 pcs

120 pcs

120 pcs

EN Rules

4 pcs

4 pcs

1/ The First Task – Duelling Dragons

Collect a series of cards where players have to fi ght three duels with dragons, beat them and get the Golden Egg.

The Second Task – Golden Egg’s Clue

Set up a quintet to solve the Golden Egg mystery and free the captive out of the depths of Black Lake.

The Third Task – Maze Walkthrough

Walk through the maze as fast as possible to gain the Goblet of Fire – Triwizard Cup.

Harry Potter: Triwizard Tournament cards


4 x 1 Duel Contestants cards
4 x 6 Spell Cards
4 x 3 Small Dragon cards
4 x 1 Big Dragon cards
4 x 3 Spewing Fire cards
4 x 1 Golden Egg cards

Harry Potter: Triwizard Tournament - Golden egg cards
Harry Potter: Triwizard Tournament - Maze cards


20 x 4 Lake Surface playing cards
20 Golden Egg playing cards
4 x 2 Duel Contestants and their Captives cards
4 x Grindylows playing cards
4 x  Merpeople playing cards
4 x Underwater Residence playing cards


4 Maze game plans
4 tokens
4 x 1 Goblet of Fire cards
4 x 8 Maze Obstacles cards
4 x 12 Walkthrough cards
8 x General Walkthrough cards
24 x Dead End Walkthrough cards

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