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Our original products for all age groups are approved by Warner Bros.

Harry Potter: Triwizard Tournament cards

We seek cooperation with well established companies in the EEA countries, UK and  Switzerland. We are looking for major and exclusive distributors for the above countries and we also offer cooperation on individual targeted projects.

LICENSED PRODUCTS: The term “Licensed Products” means products that incorporate, display, exploit or otherwise use the Licensed Property of the specific types identified in this Section 3 (and specifically excludes any type of product or service not so identified herein), and subject to any conditions, restrictions, exclusions, limitations or other matters specified in the applicable comments set out below:


Games, Board - Games, Card - Games, Magnetic - Games, Memory Matching - Games, Puzzle - Puzzles, 2D (includes cut and stick activity).


THE TERM LICENCE: 2022 – 2024

TERRITORY: main territories: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Great Britain, Poland, Hungary. Original BETEXA games can be sold in all EEA countries.


What makes our games different from the segment's other competing products


All games are based on the Harry Potter story

The cards have the same function in the game as in the story: The Golden Snitch is a high bonus card, theTime-Turner serves as an accelerator ( joker) in the game for the player possessing it, etc. All game items reflect the setting of the Harry Potter stories.


All games were created specifically for the Harry Potter licence:


There is no theme transfer to familiar game principles (such as in Cluedo by Winning Moves, Ravensburger ’s Labyrinth or Dooble game) enabling an accurate depiction of the Harry Potter story and its environment in the games.


All games have already had success during the first licence period 2004–2009. They are tried and tested blockbusting games with total sales of more than 125 000 sets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia during that period. The games are being graphically updated according to the current Style guide and latest graphic trends.


All games have recently been tested by children aged 7 – 15 and by randomly selected adults: the games lost none of their appeal across the age groups as all those involved gave a very positive response. Even grown-ups unfamiliar with the HP story did not feel excluded and enjoyed the game.


All game principles were immediately understood during the first game when it was necessary to follow the instructions. Children were therefore able to play consequent rounds independently. The games have a simple principle but a great variety of game possibilities. Each round is very different even with the same players. The games can be played repeatedly, allowing players to improve and adjust the strategy according to their opponents’ characters.


The games are being produced on the premises of the EFKO Company in Czech Republic, at high quality and reasonable prices, in favorable delivery periods. Therefore, a smooth supply based on the market response is guaranteed .


In most classic merchandising strategies, the use of motifs in figures, t-shirts, 3D objects, posters etc, is designed for proven commercial success. This is, of course, the same with Harry Potter. However, incorporating the story into the games creates a competitive advantage beyond the above mentioned merchandising use. Therefore, the commercial success of the product is conditioned by the proper product promotion ensuring that not only usual merchandising buyers are attracted, but also HP story lovers, who normally avoid buying an HP cup or toothbrush, purchase the game for reasons of the incorporated story.

Harry Potter board games cards
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